There is a noticeable difference in an instrument that is made with a commitment to high standards. The difference is immediately apparent from the first moment you pick up one of these exceptional guitars. The feel, the response, the sound, the familiarity, are very real indications that the builder really cares about the instrument.

At Zion we are fanatical in our approach to guitar building.  We make it very difficult for other builders to compete with us on fit, finish, and quality.  Building the perfect guitar starts with carefully selecting the finest materials, followed by meticulous attention to detail during the crafting process that produces the best result.

Fret dressing is perhaps the most important difference that a guitarist will notice when playing Zion. There is no shortcut or compromise. It is hard work, dedication, skill and experience that produce the often heard comment “this feels great”.  Our objective is to make the playing or contact surface of each fret perfectly even, properly shaped and precisely polished. It is also imperative that this is accomplished while not removing more of the fret dimension than absolutely necessary. This is difficult to evaluate by sight but is clearly evident by the consistent feel and performance of a Zion neck.

The final set-up is vital to obtain highest potential of a Zion guitar. Each guitar is played and adjusted individually to maximize its level of performance. After the strings are put on the instrument, no effort is spared to utilize all the adjustments on the guitar in order to raise the playability, sound and tuning stability to the highest possible standard. At Zion, no effort is spared  in the construction of your instrument. Our commitment is to do our absolute best to build a guitar that will serve you for years to come.

We are serious about our craft and take pride in every guitar we build.