The Z-Master is a chambered version of our Zion-design double-cutaway body style.  Originally designed for P90s and a hardtail bridge, we’ve found that it performs extremely well with Humbuckers and the Wilkinsen VS100 Tremolo.  It delivers a range of tones suitable for classic rock, jazz, and blues.  The chambered body is extremely light and resonant and will likely be your go-to guitar for a wide range of songs.  Plus the unique Z-Master f-hole is pretty sweet…

Popular options for the Z-Master include:

  • Koa, Crotch Mahogany, or Burl Maple upgraded wood
  • EMG, Lindy Fralin, Joe Barden Engineering or other premium pickups
  • Piezo Saddles and Onboard Preamp for acoustic-electric tones
  • Piezo Saddles and Synth preamp with 13 pin output for use with Synth guitar processor (purchased separately)

Available Guitars